Today we will review among the best drones on the market under or significantly less than 300 dollars.

Sign up for us as we find out more about these best cheap quadcopters under $300 and what features and specs they have. Find a very good value for your money!

Most of us want to wisely spend our bucks, getting the cost effective for our cash by investing in a durable, fun and efficient product. 
If you are searching for a quality drone that won’t set you back greater than a medium-priced smartphone, you attended to the proper place then.

 Which range from $200 to $300 to become more precise. With that out of our method, let’s jump right to the list and find what is the very best drone under $300!

HolyStone HS100 GPS FPV RC Drone


HS100 is a company new longest traveling drone with prica under $300 created by the popular entry-level rhyme brand Holy Natural stone. In fact, it’s their first undertaking into mid-tier oceans where MJX offers been asserting their dominance for quite a while today. But, using a gorgeous design, brilliant specs and flashy control mechanism, Holy Stone HS100 might just take the crown. However, there is a small downside to this jingle that manyfolks will notice from the first glance… and that’s specifically why it’s going to be the first topic of our own dialogue down below!


Typically the camera… The digicam is the greatest problem with this a single. As a make a difference of fact, it’s the only downside considering everything more is as cool as it can be. So, there is no benefits wrong with typically the camera? Well, the particular mounting mechanism isusually outstanding. As a matter of fact, it is tiltable in mid-air by way of special scroll on the controller, allowing with regard to gimbal-like movement. Nevertheless the sensor by itself is not that good. It records aerial footage (albeit pretty smooth) within only 720p which is, bynowadays standards, too low.

However to recompense for the insufficient a proper digicam, Holy Stone made the decision to implement effective hardware inside thisparticular one… to the position of it being in a position to carry thirdparty cameras. So when you’re looking to record professional level aerial videos together with HS100, the one approach is to purchase a third party action digicam. As for the features, you’re considering a well-versed drone sporting GPS, follow me, go back to home, headless mode and adjustable flying speed.


Like I’ve previously stated above, this drone with firm trip time delivers excellent performance. It’s almost all thanks to typically the proprietary 2500 mAh electric battery which grants about a quarter-hour of rhyme flight time, just like UDI U818Plus.

However, operating range is absolutely absurd, standing long from around 500 yards. Make that 150 meters for Wi-fi FPV that works wonders with the particular provided controller sports a smartphone-mount.

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UPair One – The Best Drone under 300$

The very best value intended for your money, UPair 1 is viewed as the inexpensive alternative to the DJI Phantom drone series, actually, the design and the camera resemble DJI’s collection. UPair is a gorgeous and powerful aircraft outfitted with great hardware. 

UPair One is the greatest outdoor drone currently obtainable in the market. It is very easy to control, even if you actually are a beginner and this is your 1st time flying a jingle. Hovers steadily without pilot’s controller input, so you haven’t trouble to control it. It is going to avoid many beginner crashes. The GPS NAVIGATION assists the flight, improving the whole experience. Really feels like you are flying a high-end jingle. 


Powered by a 5400mAh battery, UPair 1 has an astonishing airline flight time of up to 19 minutes (if you had more payload, like a heavier camera this will obviously decrease the flight time). The drone’s maximum control range is usually 1km, as the Live Video image transmission just goes as far because of 600 meters. Don’t be concerned about losing it, simply make sure it’s locked on satellites before you test max range. 


The ideal drone to record some awesome airborne video and take gorgeous photos of your greatest moments. In fact, many customers buy this jingle specifically includes a less expensive alternative to high-end camera drones, in order to capture outdoor sporting occasions, holidays, or even a family weekend at the park. 

The camera is usually 12MP with 2. 7K video. It transmits Live Video towards the 7” monitor screen put on the remote controller. Real-time video is great quality and has no latency! 

The 2. 7k camera is usually placed on a brushless gimbal that can become adjusted for different perspectives of view. Love videography and photography? Go with UPair One for an unexpansive aerial photography encounter without sacrificing much picture quality. 


UPair 1 comes with all the fun and useful features you will need to get the most away of your quad. First of all, they possess full GPS lock (able to search and secure on 8 satellites), Placement Hold, MicroSD card support (up to 32GB) and Automatic Return. Not the best group of features, but definitely has almost all you need.

  • Ease of Use 
  • Live Video 
  • 12MP 2. 7K Camera 
  • Exclusive Features and Equipment 
  • Great Specifications 
  • Complete Bundle 

Ideal For: Beginners, Intermediate and Experts

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We all now have a special treat for all you aerial photography lovers away there. I present you – MJX Bugs 3 – a seriously powerful drone that could action as a great beginners’ aerial photography platform. What does it bring to the table and how good it truly is? Find out that and plenty more by reading the next two sentences.


Beginning off at the camera – many of you will be surprised to see this birdie will not come with a camera. So why could it be a powerful aerial image platform then? Well, for the singular reason of lacking a camera, actually… Because of the fact it comes with a GoPro MAIN CHARACTER supporting mount, you may easily change it into a mighty cinematographic machine.


Furthermore, its specifications will surely be enough for your starting runs. This goes as far as 300 meters and can remain in the air up to a quarter-hour. Not bad, right? In words of other hardware, yet another thing needs to be brought to your attention. Obviously, I actually is talking about the very fact MJX Bugs 3 includes brushless MT1806 1800KV engines that provide plenty of lift-power and ensure strength. Combine that with a powerful 1800mAh LiPo battery pack and low voltage buzzer and you’ll discover why MJX Bugs 3 is a popular choice and definitely one of the most popular drones under $300!

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Parrot Bebop 2

The famous Parrot Bebop two. One of the greatest looking and most fun drones in the marketplace. An amazing value pertaining to its price, it’s a drone that stands away from all the rest. In fact, this rhyme is usually much even more expensive, but there’s an amazing deal online that allows you to purchase the drone with simply a few accessories (remote control isn’t included, yet you can use your phone to pilot it). Thus, earning a place within our Top 10 Best Drones Under $300.

Parrot Bebop 2 can be one of the most sought drones in the market and one of the reasons is the performance. It’s an incredibly smooth drone, ideal pertaining to beginners due to the stable hover (even with no pilot’s controller input). In the event that you worry about shedding control of the quad, choose Bebop 2, it is extremely beginner-friendly, even during strong wind conditions. Every due to 3-axis digital stabilization system. No question it is a top seller.

Note: At fast yaw the drone becomes actually fast, able to strike 60km (38mp/h), we do not recommend maximum speed to newbies


Ready to be amazed? If you prioritize flight time, I am happy to inform you Bebop 2 is able of flying for simply because long as 25 a few minutes per battery (on ordinary, it depends on payload and flight conditions). Optimum control range is also amazing, although not simply because impressive as flight period. Bebop 2 can soar so far as three hundred meters.


Planning to record amazing aerial videos and take the perfect selfies? Well, Bebop’s fish-eye zoom lens ensures you amaze your pals and your Instagram and Facebook by enabling you to capture greatest wishes moments with a 14MP 1080p built-in camera. It also transmits great quality Live Video to your device’s screen through WiFi; no latency! This supports VR FPV Glasses.


Parrot Bebop two packs some unique features, unlike any other rhyme on this list. I am discussing Digital stabilization, Dual core processor with quad-core GPU, GPS, and Air travel Plan (an automated air travel planner that uses way points to map out your drone’s journey). Unfortunately, Air travel Plan is an in-app purchase and doesn’t arrive free with all the drone.

Note: There’s a controller called Parrot Skycontroller (bought separately) that improves the drone’s range up to 3. 1km! Consider buying that extra in the event that you would like severe long range.

  • Simplicity of use
  • 14MP 1080p Camera w/ Fish-Eye Lens
  • Exclusive Features and Hardware
  • Great Specs
  • Price

Ideal Pertaining to: Beginners, Intermediate and Professionals

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When you have not yet decided whether you want a race or a filming rhyme, then this hybrid one particular might just be to your liking. After carrying out a great job with Alias, the good persons at Traxxas seem to have done it once again. Not only does their particular Aton model look badass but it also provides some serious power beneath that beautiful canopy. In the next two sentences, you can learn even more about it… trust myself – chances are high that this little fella will sweep you away your feed!


Using a top acceleration of more than 50 miles per hour and great stabilization, this poor boy can race and film as he pleases. As usual, it provides GPS, air brakes and even the well-known come back to a home feature that individuals are used to seeing upon many drones these times. Unfortunately, Traxxas Aton will not have a camera so you will have got to use your very own. You can even sprinkle a fair bit of extra cash to end up being able to buy a gimbal version which facilitates motorized action camera supports. This is very important in the event that you want to consider amazing aerial videos that will amaze not simply you, but everyone else who has takes a look in them too.


Specifications-wise, you’re taking an appearance at approximately 200 to 300 meters of range paired up with up to 20 minutes of airtime. Overall, this can be a top quality rhyme and it just falls in short supply of the first 2 areas due to the truth it does not arrive with a camera.

Contixo F18

Explore the world with this easy to carry FPV quadcopter. Includes a back handbag and practically all you need to start your adventure immediately! With a 2000-meter (1 mile) control range! Contixo F18 can be a great fit pertaining to travelers!

It’s important to mention Contixo F18 can be a beginner-friendly drone. In the event that it’s your first period flying a drone it is okay to start with F18 due to the GPS assisted hovering. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean it is the best fit pertaining to beginners. Although it’s ideal, it does have a slight learning curve.

Upon the other hand, in the event that you curently have an intermediate level of knowledge you will love F18 performance. Made for travelers and explorers, F18 can be smooth and maneuverable, great to carry around with you in the back pack (included). It’s pre-loaded with four powerful 1806 1800KV brushless motors.


Do you want for some superior specs? This really can be one of the factors why I personally appreciate this drone. It provides a flight time of up to 16 a few minutes and a control range of 2km (1 mile). Yes, you read that correctly, 2km! Nevertheless, we all wouldn’t advise beginners to fly that far, also with smart home come back feature. The FPV length however only transmits therefore far as 500 metres.


Naturally, a rhyme aimed at exploring the outdoors must come with a good camera, usually wouldn’t sound right. The camera is FULL HD 1080 pixels resolution, enabling great quality aerial footage. Additionally, this transmits amazing quality Live Video. You will, nevertheless, need to download and install an app (available for Android and iOS) on your smartphone. The remote controller includes a mobile phone holder where you may place your phone.


Contixo F18 is a feature-rich quad and comes with all of the functions you need to enhance the whole air travel experience. Firstly, they have got an advanced GPS helped hovering, which also allow accurate features such since Auto Return to House, Smart Go back to Home, Failsafe Return to Home and Low Ac electricity Go back to House. Other more common features are Headless Mode, Höhe Hold, One-Key Takeoff, and Landing.

  • Ease of Make use of
  • Live Video
  • Amazing Specs
  • Complete Package (backpack included)
  • Good Group of Features (including GPS and Stick to Me)

Ideal For: Newbies, Intermediate and Experts


I am talking about Hubsan H501S. It is far from a huge model simply by any means. Actually this is probably the littlest one featured on this list. Yet, with a fine array of features and above average specs, there is absolutely simply no doubt Hubsan H501S justifies the top spot upon our Drones under $300 list. For cheaper versions, please make reference to our list of drones below $200! Want to know more about this? Keep on reading and discover!


To begin with, this needs to be stated that Hubsan H501s includes GPS which brings a few extra features to the party. I’m discussing altitude hold, one essential return and follow myself, all of which can serve you more frequently than you think. Yet that’s not every – despite its small size, Hubsan H501S is huge stable and generally appears like a beginner-friendly rhyme. Some praise deservedly might go to its small built-in camera too – it allows 1080p songs and doesn’t suffer from too much jello (just make sure you adjust your props before recording).


Like I stated above, specifications of Hubsan H501S are above typical. It runs on the 7. 4V 2700mAh Lipo battery which gives up to 20 minutes ( averagely 18 in regular flying conditions) per charge. Furthermore, the range hovers around 300 meters. It is also worth mentioning that Hubsan H501S offers a solid FPV experience as well. It works through five. 8Ghz frequency and that small LCD monitor displays off pretty decent stream quality.

Contixo F17+

F17+ is one of the best alternatives to anyone looking for a sensible quadcopter to film beginner videos and even film projects for school with no spending excessively on a high-end quad. It’s also a good drone to get filming outdoor events simply because well as family vacations. Comes with a 16MP camera but also facilitates the famous GoPro.

In case you are right here to find a camera drone that performs quickly enough to someone whom never controlled one just before, F17+ will please you. The learning curve is definitely very small, although this does require some exercising. F17+ is stable and responsiveto pilot’s input, specifically how you will require a camera drone to perform to improve filmmaking. F17+ uses MT1806 1800KV brushless motors.


Trip time without accessories (guards, landing gear and camera) is 18 minutes. Nevertheless, with some payload, like the landing gear, the flight time is significantly less, 15 minutes. With all the accessories, camera included, it goes straight down to 12 minutes. Sadly, the control range is definitely only 150 meters, which usually is disappointing.


F17+ already comes with a great action camera, which usually will please most people. It’s a 16MP HIGH-DEFINITION camera with 4K, 1080 pixels 60 fps and 720p 120 fps. An amazing solution a great method to save money simply by getting a complete package deal with all you require to fly FPV correct out of the container. The Live Video can be transmitted to the pilot’s smartphone screen or an FPV monitor (included). If you want better yet image quality, you can be happy to understand this quad supports GoPro and other action digital cameras.


With regards to features, F17+ is extremely poor. It supports HIGH-DEFINITION MULTIMEDIA INTERFACE connectivity to your TELEVISION (to watch the documented videos), Low Battery and Out of Range Security alarm, only. Features definitely are not the strongest characteristic of the quad. However, it is important to take into account the manufacturer has opted to target the resources in improving other qualities of the drone.

  • Ease of Make use of
  • Live Video
  • 16MP Camer
  • Good Flight Period
  • Brushless Motors

Ideal For: Newbies, Intermediate and Experts


This goes by the name Altair AA108 and looks to become making pretty the name for alone on the market. Using a comprehensive packaging featuring an additional battery, prop protections and further props, Altair AA108 looks like a great deal at any period of the day. That which aspects are great about this one? Well, that’s specifically the sort of details you can discover listed below!


This little mumbo jumbo actually performs pretty well. Even though we are talking about a small drone here, it is definitely well capable of traveling stable. In fact, this sports altitude hold which usually makes beginners in a position to control it without an excessive amount of hard work. There are also adaptable speed levels and headless mode alongside a mini 720p wide angle camera. On top of that, this little camera facilitates WiFi FPV. You will not get the greatest range with it (roughly twenty to 30 meters) yet it will sure arrive in convenient to consider close quarter aerial movies. It’s fairly simple to use too – basically install and enter FlyingSee software on your smart phone, hook up to your drone’s WiFi and you’re great to go…


Specifications-wise, Altair AA108 is the best thing since chopped up bread! Instead of going for low-end specs, Altair’s makers went all in with spectacular numbers. More precisely, Altair AA108 may go all the method to 100 meters aside from its stylish control which is fairly the task coming from such a tiny drone. Battery duration is definitely nothing less charming, position proudly at cca a couple of minutes. What a great little rhyme this is… don’t you agree?

MJX BW2 Bugs 2W

A solid quadcopter that combines an amazing set of features with awesome specifications. This is usually a broadly popular jingle and the best bangs intended for your buck!

Regarded offers having the best performances in the market, it is generally probably the most suggested drone for that particular reason. Equipped with the 6 Axis Gyro program, Bugs 2W is generally a stable and simple rhyme that will make sure endless fun.


This is how the Pests 2W shines the many. Powered by a 7. 4V 1, 800 mAh battery, it has a flight moments of regarding 15 to eighteen occasions. The control range can be usually very long, an amazing 1000 meters, yet just half (500m) pertaining to the WiFi FPV transmitting.


The built-in camera offers a 1080p quality and permits top quality airborne videos and photos. This also transmits Live Video to the pilot’s mobile phone via Wireless. The remote control includes a phone holder exactly where 1 can safely place your phone while viewing the real-time video.


MJX Bugs 2W does not possess many features, will go along with the essentials yet nothing fancy or away of the normal (besides the GPS). The features are: Headless Setting, GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM, Höhe Hold, One-Key Return and LED lights.

  • Convenience
  • Live Video
  • 1080p Camera
  • Amazing Specifications


Right now we are looking inside a proper beast of a drone that will not cost a lot of money, in fact it quickly suits into our drones below $300 list. UDI U818Plus is the name and it does certainly provide great performance in a moderate price label. The fully enclosed brace style remains here. This has become some type of the signature designed for UDI’s models. Various other than that, it’s also significant to add UDI U818Plus includes a set of legs to assure that this doesn’t corn its big ass camera upon landing… Yup, this thing offers a big ass camera…


up to a total of 12 to 15 minutes per charge. Quite neat, ideal?! Finally, this little bugger is normally also a pretty great game drone thanks to Wireless FPV and solid working range (you may anticipate any where from 100 to 150m). All points considered, in case you are for the marketplace for a large basic drone with great specifications and solid camera, UDI U818Plus seems actually well worth your period and energy!


Regrettably, though, camera size is usually mainly just for aesthetical reasons. The sensor isn’t extremely that big and the remaining plastic around this is there to generate this look more effective. Do not get myself wrong although, it’s still a great camera that can record solid airborne videos in 720p… yet the size is a whole gimmick. Mainly because considerably as the features are concerned, UDI U818Plus contains a beginner-friendly set up incorporating both headless environment and altitude hold. Generally, there is also WiFi FPVsimilar towards the one upon Altair AA108. Overall, I actually truly possess to acknowledge UDI u818Plus surprised myself with the quality.

Walkera Rodeo 150

Prepared to get started on racing? Rodeo a hundred and fifty was designed simply by one of the very renowned rhyme brands after the market, Walkera. Rodeo 150 purpose is to provide a guaranteed yet powerful, beginner-friendly race drone to first year racing enthusiasts. The rhyme doesn’t need assembly and it is obviously ready to get started on contending!

In case you are giving your first actions in drone race and do not have the expertise to build your own custom-made FPV racing, then Rodeo a hundred and fifty can be made for you. Great performance, able of contending with all the low-end custom-made race drones. Rodeo is a must-have to can get on the track and begin exercising before you move after to more expensive and complex competition quads.


Rodeo a hundred and fifty is driven by a 7. 4V 850mAh 30C 2S Lipo battery that provides up to almost 8 minutes of flight time. If you are significantly considering racing you will require to buy a tiny extra batteries switch among flights.


Of training program, every respectable competition quad needs a FPV camera to provide the preliminary with the eyesight to properly compete. Rodeo a hundred and 50 comes with a 600TVL camera, good enough to maintain your eyes where this should be, the race track! You can view the real-time video after an FPV monitor or FPV Goggles.


Besides the WK-WS-17-002 brushless engines (a must in several competition quads), and the ESCs, Rodeo doesn’t include any fancy feature. This does, however, include the powerful DEVO-RX716 receiver to help you empower your skills.

  • Good Fit related to Race Beginners
  • 600TVL Camera
  • Brushless Motors
  • Cost
  • DEVO Transmission device

Ideal Pertaining to: Intermediate and Experts / FPV Race Beginners


Holy Stone HS100 is a fresh model available on the market and it definitely does not fail to deliver. Even though almost all of us are employed to viewing entry-level Holy Stone drones, this time around they will have surprised us having a mid-tier one. With GPS NAVIGATION connectivity and several amazing features, HS100 could become the biggest hit that ever came out of Holy Stone’s lab. Need to know why? Go through the next 2 sentences and you might simply find out!


Beginning with the camera, the biggest poor thing is the truth it can only record 720p aerial footage. Nevertheless, the biggest positive regarding this camera is the motorized mount. Even although it’s being marketed because a gimbal, it is usually suggests, condition or type a real gimbal. No – it is merely a motorized mount that responds to a scroll steering wheel found on the transmission device and allows you to modify the camera’s position. Features-wise, HS100 is in factHoly Stone’s first GPS NAVIGATION powered drone. In addition, this also has access to security features such since emergency stop and come back to home. I ought to also not forget regarding follow me and höhe hold which is destined to are available in convenient more often than not.


And finally, we have reached the technical side of the deal here. So, We guess starting off with all the battery seems like a good idea. Holy Stone HS100 is usually quite a bulky jingle so it isn’t actually surprising to see a chunky 2500mAh 2S LiPo battery running the display here. It will help the drone endure about 10 to 12 moments of pure flying. Working range, on the additional hand, goes to around 500 meters but is usually capped at just 120 meters in height.

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition

Probably you have already seen or read about Bird AR Drone 2 before. It’s not a brand new product and has been available in the market for quite some time. To this day remains one of the better drones under $300 (sometimes even under $200 if you are lucky and catch it on sale).

Performs incredibly well, not surprisingly from any Parrot aircraft. It is great for beginners because of its stability and protective cover foam around the propellers and engines. The drone does not come with a remote control controller. Instead, it makes use of the pilot’s smartphone or tablet device to function as a web-based via WiFi connection.


Powered by a 1500mAh lipo battery, AR Drone 2. 0 has a flight time of 12 minutes, which is surprisingly good considering how large and heavy the quad is. In phrases of control range, it is too short, only 50 meters.


The Bird AR Drone 2. zero camera has slightly above average image quality, and indeed provides good quality aerial video and photos. The built-in (onboard) camera has 720p resolution and can transmit Live Video via Wifi to the pilot’s smartphone screen through a free app.


Besides the Live Video, software control and THREE DIMENSIONAL Flip this drone presents no other features. Therefore why could it be on our list? Since the drone’s quality~price percentage continues to be way better than most common drones within this budget.

  • Ease of Use
  • Live Video
  • Price
  • Foam Protective Frame

Perfect for: Beginners, Intermediate and Specialists

Frequently Asked Questions

Are best drones under 300$ ideal for learning?

Yes. Most drones upon our list have a very steady hover and responsive controls. Throughout the article, we will designate which drones are better suited to beginners and which kinds are not. Simply take into account that racing drones are not suited to first-time plane tickets, even when they are an easy task to control they do need some previous level of expertise. In case you are a first-time first-year stay with beginner-friendly quads.

Are these drones safe for children?

Amount A great drone for a child must have a protective frame around the propellers and the motor, a very regular hover, responsive control, plastic material frame and be very lightweight and simple. In the event that you want to obtain a drone for your child.

Can I fly interior and outdoor?

It is dependent. There are drones which usually can be flown both indoor and outdoor, whilst others are specific to 1 type of traveling only. Don’t worry, when discussing each we will certainly mention if they may be flown indoor, outdoor or both.

Do these drones support GoPro and other action cameras?

Some of the drones on our list indeed are equipped for carrying GoPro, Xiaomi and SJCam action cameras. Primarily the larger drones showcasing brushless motors. When we review a drone able of doing therefore, we will mention in it on the “camera” and “features” section.

Are there drones below $300 featuring a full FPV package?

Yes! All of us have reviewed amazing drones that include everything you need to fly FPV right out from the box, which includes LCD monitor and FPV Goggles! Nowadays you may get the full encounter for any very low cost; we assist you in finding the deals which usually represent the best worth for your money in the event that you haven’t read finest drones under $200 you should also check that article.


Genuinely speaking, you cannot really expect a marvelous drone under $300 to present as a great overall solution. Instead, what you can do is choose type of drone you would prefer to have… and then choose one to buy based on your requirements. Don’t worry, there are not that many types of drones in this price range – only two! First being FPV racing enthusiasts and second being inexperienced aerial photography platforms. Beneath you can fin brief explanations on what to expect from both of these types.

As their name suggests, FPV racing enthusiasts come with FPV loading which brings an extra degree of immersion to your flying experience. Keep in mind that I was referring to 5. 8G FPV and not that trash WiFi method. Not really only is WiFi FPV laggy it also has short range. However, 5. 8G FPV quadcopters provide silk smooth footage and work on a much bigger geographical area. In addition, they’re usually much smaller and have greater maneuverability than bulky aerial digital photography drones.

This second drone type which can be found for less than $300 appears a lot different than FPV racers.

For beginners, most (if not all) of these drones are much bulkier and usually come with landing equipment. Also, they often have anti-vibration mounts for action cameras. Some even go to an extent and provide a motorized gimbal system that is able to significantly improve image balance. In addition to buttery smooth videos, gimbals also allow you to control the camera’s movement and focus while in mid-flight, enabling you to catch aerial videos like never before. Try it away and you’ll see…


Inside the next couple of sections, I’ll have the typical specifications of drones that cost less than $300. Keep in mind that they aren’t anything unique (it would be ridiculous to expect premium-grade overall performance now, wouldn’t it? ) but nonetheless get the work done. Depending on your personal preferences, you are free to sway these types of in your favor.

Intended for instance, unless you program on exploring your encircling area but instead need to shoot awesome photos, then long range should not be a worry. Furthermore, should you be even more interested in racing and exploring, then you do not need an FHD camera… Enough on that – let’s jump straight to the average specifications which means you don’t get lost in the numbers once you go to be capable to purchase a drone.

Camera quality

In conditions of camera quality, you could expect decent 720p or actually 1080p aerial footage in most cases. Still, just a few models arrive with a dedicated mechanized gimbal for optimal picture stability. They’re definitely well worth the money, especially in the event that you intend on using your drone for inexperienced aerial photography. Another point you should think about are drones that do not even come with a camera. Although they be short of the sensor, they frequently provide good stability… in fact, most of all of them also offer either software program or hardware image stablizing which is always a nice trait to possess.


Drones under $300 have very different runs. Yup, the range is usually a highly broad term for these models are it greatly varies from model to model. Still, if you’re going to use your drone intended for exploring, then you certainly should not go intended for anything lower than two hundred meters. As a matter of fact, you will certainly have difficulties finding a model that goes more than 300. It’s a well known fact!

Battery period

Due to the truth many of these versions come with either 1S or 2S LiPo electric batteries, their flight times are actually pretty good when compared to higher cost tiers. Realistically speaking, upon average these birdies possess from 10 to 15 minutes of airtime in most cases. While that may sound low to some of you in first, in practice it is a fair share of fun. Another thing to focus here is charging time – even although it may appear unimportant, trust me – it is one of those figures which go under the radar but are incredibly essential.


What good is a high-spec drone if it does not have a good base of features too? Features are of utmost importance for each single drone on the market. Take those high end models for example – they all contain load of advanced features, producing them versatile and practical for all types of use scenarios. But, with regards to drones that cost less than $300, advanced features aren’t that common.

In most situations, you will have LED lights, headless mode and perhaps that cheap gyroscope-powered version of return to home. Nevertheless, Hubsan H501S is most likely the cheapest drone that features GPS, altitude keep and follow me. In the event that you’re more enthusiastic about advanced features and that kind of things, then Hubsan H501S is the correct one for you!


Since you have had the opportunity to have a closer look at some of the best drones in this price range, I am certain that you have an easier job of picking the one you are interested. Keep in brain that these are all top-quality drones that will fulfill your expectations… even exceed them in some cases.

The key in this entire purchasing process is, like I’ve said before, lowering your objectives. Realistically speaking – you can’t really expect premium-grade performance from a mere under $300 quadcopter. And finally, I would like to sway your attention to another aspect that I forgot to point out above – spare parts. Make sure your drone has plenty of aftermarket replacement available since you never know when you might break something. Usually, extra parts aren’t expensive but will allow you to revive your drone and keep flying it around whenever you want.